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Time Signature

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Most frequent time signatures

Simple time signatures
4/4 (quadruple) Reel-common time: widely used in most forms of Western popular music. Most common time signature in rock, blues, country, funk, and pop
2/2 (duple) alla breve, cut time: used for marches. Sometimes called "in 2".
2/4 (duple) used for polkas or marches
3/4 (triple) used for waltzes
3/8 (triple) also used for the above, but usually suggests higher tempo or shorter hypermeter.
Compound time signatures
6/8 (duple) double jigs, polkas, fast obscure waltzes, tarantella, marches, and some rock music.
9/8 (triple) "compound triple time", used in triple / Slipjigs, otherwise occurring rarely
12/8 (quadruple) also common in slower blues (where it is known as shuffle).
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