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Rob Forkner

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  • Maker Name: Rob Forkner aka Metloef
  • Based: Leiden Holland, Formerly Texas USA
  • Web:

About Metloef

Rob Forkner, originally from Texas USA and now living in Holland. Builder of custom drums and custom skin treatments.

Paraphrased from

While living in Alaska, he discovered irish music after a friend gave him an old cassette tape with a small man with a mullet haircut and pastel golf clothes on the front cover. Since it was too cold to hunt for bears or go combat fishing, Rob decided to learn how to play the bodhran after hearing the playing of the great Johnny McDonagh. However, for that Rob needed a drum, and because it was impossible to find a suitable bodhran in Alaska, Rob just started building his own drum in the basement of his parent's house out of birch bark and salmon skin. Many years have gone by and Rob used the time to refine his drum building skills.

Rob's not only a maker, but also a pretty good bodhran player. While in Texas he played with the Tea Merchants and had the good fortune to go around the states playing music. Now in Holland, Rob can be found most Sunday evenings at Mulligan's Irish Music Bar in Amsterdam. Rob has also competed in fleadhs in both in the US and in Ireland. And yes, it is a long way to Tipperary.

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