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Lambeg Skin

From bowiki

Most natural drum skins, usually goat, undergo a fairly standard process. The flesh is removed from the inside of the rawhide and the hair is removed.

The hair can be removed naturally by shaving or can be removed chemically by the use of lime or other product. Chemical treatment is not recommended for any drum as the chemicals can strip the skin of its natural elements and affect its performance.

The Lambeg skin is different because the makers use only female goats and apply an undisclosed recipe that not only depiles the skin but also imparts it with particular qualities. When the hair has been removed, it is stretched out on a board.

It is then scraped with a blade that removes all but the extreme upper layers of skin. This is called fining down and makes the skins incredibly thin. In addition to being thin, the skin is also very even in thickness which gives a more uniform response when playing.

In the making of many drums, the skin receives further treatment. It could be a form of curing or tanning. Usually it involves the application of some home made product called 'the recipe'. The process is called doping the skins. There are many theories, secrets and red herrings about the doping recipe. It is rarely shared and often passed from generation to generation of drum makers.

Basically a Lambeg skin is a female goat skin thinned down to the nth degree. The skin will receive particular forms of treatment which permit it, whilst being supremely thin, to be extremely strong and flexible

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