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Intrawiki links are links within BoWiki.

When editing an article you will use terms that are familiar to this community of bodhran users. To assist those who have less familiarity, we can very easily link words to their definitions in the dictionary.

If for example I am editing an article on Single End styles and I mention 'hotrod', I can make the word into a link by capitalising the first letter and enclosing it in double square brackets. e.g.

  • [[Hotrod]]
    • When I publish the page, that the word is now an intrawiki link: e.g. Hotrod

If you want different words to refer to a particular page you use the pipe sign | on the keyboard. (to the right of the left shift key in IRE/UK)

  • e.g. the sentence "Using a type of stick made of many rods" I might want the words made of many rods to link to the hotrod page.

In this case I my editor reads

  • "Using a type of stick [[Hotrod | made of many rods]]"
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