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Double Down

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Double down strokes are a particular combination of drum strokes that open up a whole world of rhythmic possibilities.

  • All accents can be placed on the stronger downstroke
  • No more struggling with Slipjigs
  • Rolls that end with you playing 'upside down' can be instantly reverted

Essentially as the name suggests, the stroke combination consists of two down strokes back to back as opposed to alternating up and down strokes.

It is most often associated with jigs where the 6/8Down Up Down ¦ Up Down Up (DUD ¦ UDU) pattern is replaced by Down Down Up ¦ Down Down Up ( DDU ¦ DDU) - It is much more difficult to explain than it is to demonstrate.There are wide applications within all forma of bbodhran playing and it is an essential element of an advanced player's toolkit.

Some people have a natural ability to achieve the Double Down and others struggle with it.

There are Double Down Exercises and tutorials available

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