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Albert Alfonso

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  • Maker Name: Albert Alfonso
  • Based: Texas USA
  • Website:

About Albert

Paraphrased from Albert's Website

Who is this man whom Mick Moloney dubbed “The Celtic-Cuban Connection?” The Cuban part comes from his father, a Cuban immigrant. (Albert’s mom is of Haitian descent.) Albert was born in Queens, New York City in 1948.

Albert has been a part of the North Texas Irish Festival from the beginning — from performing and serving food at the first one to becoming a stage manager, then booking the main acts, and eventually becoming one of the festival’s directors. He has served as both vice president and president of the festival’s governing sponsoring organization, the Southwest Celtic Music Association (SCMA).

Albert was told The bodhran was too difficult and he’d never be able to grasp it. He took that dare to heart, locked himself up in his bedroom for a weekend, and when he came out on Monday, he could play — not the way he can play today — but he had it down.

Albert made his first bodhrán in the early 80s and immediately realized, “Why bother? The Irish have been doing this forever and there is no way … ”

His second attempt came about like this … “So, it’s 1991, and I’m in Ireland. Within hours at Milltown Malby, I find a small 16-inch tunable drum. I was in love with it for the six months I had it before it died. Or was it dead when I got it? At this point, I thought, I can do this! I experimented with drum design from 1991 to 1995. In December 1995, I set out to make the finest truly tunable full-range bodhrán that can be made. (It was easier said than done.) I stopped making drums for sale, spent six months redesigning my drum and came up with my best effort, yet.”

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