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Tuning Adjustment Hardware

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This is the mechanical device used to adjust the tension on the drum's skin

There are two basic forms; Push and Pull.


  • devices of this type generally push a Tuning Ring carrying the Bearing Edge into the skin, which is fixed to the outer shell. Because the skin is fixed, the act of pushing against it increases the skin's tension and raises pitch, relaxing the 'degree of push' reduces tension and lowers pitch.
    • This 'Internal-push' style tuning system will generally have its Hardware internally where the ring is situated.
  • A less common form of push system has the tuning ring contained within, or linearly aligned with, the shell. The integral ring carries the bearing edge and is pushed into the skin to adjust tension.
    • This 'Integral-push' style tuning system will generally have its hardware within the body of the shell and in line with the tuning ring.


  • Devices of this type generally pull the drum's skin down over a fixed bearing edge. The edge is usually cut directly into the top of the drum shell - this is similar to how a drumset is tuned. The skin is fixed to an outer, moveable tension ring or other similar arrangement.
    • A pull style tuning system will generally have its hardware mounted externally where the tension ring is situated.
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