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Academy Terms and Conditions The bodojo bodhran academy is an online learning resource intended to develop members' skills and abilities on the drum.

The information available through the Bowiki Academy is shared under a [url=] Creative Commons license[/url]. This means

  • You may copy and distribute the Wiki Contents as long as:
    • You Credit Bowiki as the Author
    • You include a link back to the main article
    • You do not sell content or allow it to be included in a sold publication.
    • You do not use the content commercially without written approval.

There may be use of copyrighted audio and video on the site. This is made available to members either with permission of the copyright owner or under 'fair use' as provided for under the applicable legislation. In this instance shared material will be referred to in either the forum or in an article.

These terms and conditions of use are additional to the main [url=] Bodojo Terms[/url] and apply to all users of the site.

All terms may be subject to change from time to time as the site and its user's requirements develop.

Paul Marshall

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