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The Bodojo Bodhran Academy has been created as a growing resource for bodojo members at all levels of their bodhran journey. From 2010 the academy consists of the original Academy articles written by Paul Marshall and now open to editing by all bodojo members.

The Academy is a collection of articles and tutorials by members starting from supporting and striking the drum, holding the stick through to more advanced technical and solo approaches. There are often many ways of achieving the same effect.

The academy content will grow and expand over the years. It will respond to the user's need for information, the development of the drum, its playing styles and inevitably the articles that are submitted and the degree to which our members engage in creating new, useful content.

The site will always be under construction and will never be wholly correct or complete. If something's wrong or you want to contribute, either change it or let us know.

Thank you Paul

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The academy is a Bodojo member-only resource - membership is free and it takes only a few seconds. Your email address is not passed on and you will not receive any spam.

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